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Experience Points System

Scoring Experience Points

We award experience points based on the length of the post. Points will be awarded as follows:

0-199 Words 0 POINTS
200-599 Words 5 POINTS
600-1199 Words 10 POINTS
1200 or more 15 POINTS

In the case of a JP the total point value of the post is split equally among all of the eligible characters involved in that JP.

Eligible Characters

PCs - Primary Characters,
RNPCs - Reserved Non-Primary Characters.

Ineligible Characters

NPCs - Characters who are listed on our site at a status of NPC will not earn experience points. These are characters that anyone can play.

Characters that are made up and not in our game database (with a complete bio) are not be eligible for experience points.

Please note this does not mean you should not use NPCs or even make up characters to help fill out your story it just means that if you want to earn points you must include your a PC or RNPC in the post.

Who Gets the Experience Points?

Experience points will stay with the character who earned them. So, even though my Primary Character is Commander Wright if I play Lt. jg Jarvis in a post her character will retain the exp not Wright.


Yes, it is possible to cheat the system by taking a large post and needlessly splitting it up into 4 or more small posts (greater than 200 words). Please be aware that players caught doing this or in any way attempting to cheat the system will loose points at the rate of 2 times the points the cheating earned you. Cheating is bad so don't do it. There are times when splitting a very long post up into two posts is acceptable but this should be written in a way that involves a natural ending for the first part.

Discretionary Bonus Points

Outstanding posts or other contributions to the game can also earn bonus points from the GM. These points are awarded at the sole discretion of the Game Master.