The Administrator of this site would like to thank the following people and/or sites:

  1. The late Gene Roddenberry for creating Star Trek. Without him this game would not be possible.
  2. Craig Holland for painstakingly drawing the LCARS themes that run throughout our site
  3. David Johnson for creating the backend database scripts
  4. Randi Williams for creating the USS Zion logo commissioned by Craig Holland.
  5. The Sovereign Class starship images are from Ex Astris Scientia
  6. Rank Insignias are from USS Scorpion
  7. Security Access levels complied from various Star Trek sites by "Riaan."
  8. Many of the ship graphics are generated from Activision's Star Fleet Command III

    This site uses the following technology:

    JavaA client side scripting language used to dynmically change page content
    PHPServer side scripting lanuage used to interface databases and dynamically create websites
    MySQLDatabase engine used to store site data
    DHTMLAdvanced HTML code which makes use of newest browser features
    Apache WebserverThe developer's of this site only uses the best webservers.
    GDThis site uses computer generated graphics. All the LCARS displays and buttons are created brand new each tim the page is loaded. GD is an apache plug-in that allows server side vector rendered graphics.
    GIMPAll graphics were created or re-rendered for custom content by the Gnu Image Manipulation Program
    Fedora Core 3 This website is hosted on Fedora F3 Linux server(s).
    Starpoint.netWeb hosting courtesy of Starpoint Communications, Inc.