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Character Creation

Creating a Character

Creating the biography for your character is the most important part of the game. You character's bio will be displayed on the website of the USS Zion for all players to see. It serves as an introduction of your character to the rest of the people playing or reading the game. Most importantly for you, it is the foundation for your future writing. For this reason, it is important that you put some honest thought into the type of character you want to play.

You should take care not to create a "perfect character," who can do nothing wrong and who knows everything. These types of characters are not at all realistic, and more often than not turn out to be very boring characters both for the person playing them, and the people reading their story. Please try to build you character in a realistic manner. Your character should have strengths and weaknesses just like all living things.

Your character should not be a canon character from the Star Trek series. Your character should also not be a relative or best friend of a canon character. Players should create their character from original work, not canon characters.

Choosing a Species

The first major step is to decide on what species you would like your character to be. If you are new to writing simulations then you probably should select a human character. It is, after all, the species that we re all most familiar with. As you gain experience you can always try to play a second character from a different species.

Generally, you may select any of the canon Star Trek species for your character, however, you should limit your character to those species that are good in nature. The USS Zion will not have Romulan, or Cardassian crew members, for example. All species selection are subject to the approval of the game master (GM).

It is also important to remember that if you select to be a alien species that you must play your character according to the characteristics of that species. For example, if you select a Vulcan you would be expected to play a very logical and reserved character with a tight control on his or her emotions. Playing a character contrary to their cultural traits is considered bad form and will get you comments from the GM.

See Also: Enemies, Allies, and Off Limit Species.

What's in a Name

It is important to consider the name of your character when you select the species. Some aliens have only one name. Vukcans for example, generally only have one name. You should select a name for your character that matches the naming structure of the species that you select. Naming a Vulcan character "Jimmy Johnson" would be inappropriate and would get your character rejected.

What Does your Character look Like?

Once you have chosen a species, name, and gender, the next step is to write about your character's physical appearance. The more information you can give the better. It also makes it more fun for other characters to interact with your character when they can visualize it.

Remember that the species you picked for your character will determine some of your character's features. If you're a Vulcan your ears will be pointed. If you're a Ferengi you will be short, with pointed teeth and a large head. If a Klingon you will have be big, strong and have ridges on the forehead. Remember to mention any distinguishing characteristics in your bio. For example, Does you have a scar? These types of things can be used as material for a future post.

Once you have the physical features set for your character you will need a to develop a background Where were you born and when? Who are your parents and what do they do. Do you get along? Do you have siblings? What were you like growing up? When did you become interested in Star Fleet? Make it believable. Make it interesting.


Your character's personality is very important. You need to remember to make your character someone you can support in your posts and whom others will want to interact with as well. If you can't support the character you will not be having much fun.

Bio Template

Full Character Name:
Height (m):
Weight (kg):
Hair (color and styling):
Other physical features/Distinguishing Marks:
Character's Birthplace:
Character's birth year (given that this year is 2378):
Character's parents and their occupation:
Character's siblings:

The following sections each require about 6-8 lines of information in an ideal bio:

Character's history from 0-18 years of age (you must be 18 or older when you join the academy)

Character's time at the Academy or equivalent institution (ages 18-21 or older, depending):

Character's Starfleet postings (minimum starting age 21). Please specify ships, COs, etc (note that this is not current references from other characters...feel free to make this box up!)

Please remember if you are giving your character a age of 22 you would not have been a chief engineer for the last five years.

Character's personality traits (likes, dislikes, and general info about your character's personality)

If you were to go out for a meal with a stranger, think about the questions you would ask him if you wanted to know him better and add info like that to your Bio.