Feb. 9th, 12:22 am

Posted by Captain Ian Hunter

The alliance between Jenkin's men, Birkoff and Johnson and the Federation prisoners falls appart. Birkoff and Johnson flee the ship while battles between the ship's crew, Rodgers men and the Cardassians contine.



Jan. 18th, 11:29 am

Posted by Capt Hunter

Birkoff, is now struggling against the crew which has sabotaged the main deflector array and jettisoned the Anti-matter tankage. In his race against time, his employer, Jenkins has expressed his disappointments while co-prisoner and rival Captain Rodgers also turns up the pressure.



Dec. 19th, 12:37 am

Posted by Capt Hunter

The Zion has been taken over by the prisoners being transported to Rura Penthe. An evil genius named "Birkoff" is in control of the ship.

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