Gowron is Dead

Feb. 24th, 3:17 pm

Posted by Q

The Zion has raced to intercept Worf's ship in effort to stop him from doing something drastic.

But as in the real timeline, Worf has slain the pitiful muchkin.

You can read his death in the ship's logs, stardate 58207.30 "Blade of Honor"


Back into the Black

Jan. 8th, 1:41 am

Posted by Capt Hunter

The USS Zion has been refitted and repaired. All hands are on deck as we depart our space dock, Qul Tuq.


No Place Like Home

Jun. 3rd, 1:33 am

Posted by Commander Wright

The Zion has arrived at QulTuq Station and its crew begin getting ready for some R&R time.

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